SAECO HD8954/47 EVO Philips Xelsis Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Are you a coffee lover? Even if you are not that much of a regular coffee lover it’s not that you don’t love a coffee. I, being a regular coffee drinker, am always aware of the new tastes on coffee. Espresso is my personal favorite coffee as I prefer concentrated coffee. Recently I bought a Saeco Evo fully automatic Espresso machine. And here’s what I think about this new coffee maker by Phillips Saeco.

A coffee machine that takes care of everybody’s taste

If you have a family with each one having a different coffee taste then Saeco Evo is possibly the best coffee maker for your family. How? Philips Saeco Evo has 6 different custom profiles to match different taste buds of your family members. I being a black coffee lover found this espresso machine fully capable of making a dense coffee that fits my taste. With multi-beverage supporting multi-user experience, Philips Saeco Evo will serve each one of your family members. Within these 6 profiles, up to 9 different taste beverages can be made for each profile. Bravo! I personally found this way better than what I expected and it fits the needs of my family.

Quality of the beverages is excellent

All the coffee machines I have used so far were” making coffee” but it was kind of ok in taste. And I did not complain because I thought this is what an automated coffee machine can do. How can a machine match to human! Right? Well, I must say SAECO HD8954/47 EVO Philips Xelsis Fully Automatic Coffee has totally changed my perception. Philips Saeco Evo served coffee containing the exact ratios which make up a perfect drink of coffee to start my day.

Dual chamber technology

With its dual chamber milk carafe, Saeco Evo perfectly blends the milk with beans and with its fine dual chamber technology it serves your drink with a long lasting milk froth. The design of the milk frother is good.

Easy maintenance

One of the several factors I liked about the Saeco Evo espresso coffee machine is that it’s easy to maintain. It has an auto clean and descaling function. After you start up or switch off the machine will automatically clean with water so that when you make your next coffee it will be totally a fresh cup of coffee with a different taste. Along with circuit auto clean another factor, I noticed for easy cleaning is its brewing group which confirms the auto clean. It’s easily accessible from front or side allowing us to manually clean it under a tap if you wish to

Coffee without burnt taste

Philips Saeco Evo Espresso is one of the few fully automated machines that uses 100% ceramic grinders leaving no chance for burnt coffee. With ceramic grinders, Saeco offers consistent grind protecting your beans from getting overheated so as to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. With the ceramic grinders, you will have a consistent and silent process of making coffee.

So, my experience so far with this Saeco Philips Xelsis Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is way beyond my expectations! I truly recommend Saeco’s new fully automotive coffee maker to you as an individual or for your family. If you want to start your day with a perfect cup of coffee and not a just a normal machine coffee go for Saeco Evo espresso coffee maker. I will give it five starts! The rest depends on you, try and taste it!