Essential Products Women Must Take on Vacation

Vacations are the stuff life is made of. Relaxing in the sun, Sipping on a cocktail with those cute tiny umbrellas. Whether it’s a quick trip out of town for a few days or a vacation to an exotic destination. I can smell the sunscreen already.

You do need to be prepared make it a stress-free time. There are a few essential products women must take on vacation. It might be a few things or more like our whole house in a bag. However, we need all of it. You never know, you might need those 10-extra outfit should the weather have a different agenda.

I am a meticulous packer, let me walk you through some of the essential products women should take on vacation.


Firstly, when it comes to toiletries. I make sure I have the travel sizes. This is also a way I found I could try new product without committing to the full sizes in case I fall out of love with them. A good tip is to buy the small empty containers from a drug store and fill them up with your desired products.

Back to the list.


I found it particularly helpful to lay them out on the bed to make sure they look as good as I imagined. I pick out the accessories that can go with most of the outfits with some tweaks here and there for transitioning a day look into a night one.

Once that is done I go through the shoes. Shoes are the easiest to pack. A couple pairs of stylish sandals. I am not picky.

We all know the restrictions we have on hand luggage. However, we need to keep fresh and tame nature. I always have a few select toiletries and make-up in my carry on.

A deodorant is a must but sometimes deodorants are not enough. I slip in one sample size perfume for good measure. Here’s a list of great deodorants for women.

They are generous enough with the stuff at the perfume counters in department stores.

Your monthly visitor might not be on vacation while you are on vacation. Feminine hygiene deodorant is one thing I don’t forget. In fact, I keep one in my purse and the other one in my luggage.
I love to go on vacation to places where I can take a dip in water even if its just a pool. There is something so soothing and relaxing about water. It makes my whole vacation.

Sun protection

Sunscreen, I use two. One for face and one for the body. I take great pair of sunglasses. Experience has taught me to not take my favorite pair. The cocktails can be so good that you forget yourself and personal belongings.

I like to cover my head for extra protection, so I pack hats too.

Picture perfect

It’s a good idea to always make sure you take a charged extra battery for the camera and a few memory cards with large storage space.

We all want to have plenty of pictures to show loved ones back home how much fun we had. Bring a waterproof cover so you can use your camera for when things get a bit splashy. You could bring a water proof camera as well but why bring two cameras.

That was my two cents on the essential products women must take on vacation. I hope these tips were helpful. I am already planning my next vacation. Mmm…sun, coacktails and lazy days, need I say more?