Detecting Smoke Odors in Your Residence Despite Not Smoking

You might be smelling cigarette smoke from nearby neighbors if you don’t have a medical condition that makes you detect odors that aren’t there. It wouldn’t be unusual for smoke from your neighbor’s patio, which is close to the open windows in your home, to enter your house and then become lodged in the carpet, walls, and furniture. Below are tips regarding this case from us, the Carpet Cleaning Sydney.

Your clothes, skin, hair, and personal possessions may absorb smoke if you spend the day with smokers or if you spend time in a tightly closed room with a lot of trapped cigarette smoke. When you come home, the smoke spreads to the surfaces inside your house. Consider the following advice to prevent the spread of secondhand smoke and to get rid of any smoke that enters your home from nearby buildings:

1. Close your open windows as soon as neighbors are smoking! Install a fan in the window that faces outside, at the very least, to help the smoke exit your house.

2. Keep all of your home’s windows open to let in more fresh air when neighbors aren’t outside smoking.

3. Invest in an air purifier, and use it as often as you can all day.

4. Invest in a vacuum with a powerful HEPA filter and vacuum frequently. Make sure to clean upholstered furniture as well!

5. Clean the tiles on your floor, ceiling, and walls at least once every week, if not more.

6. After returning from the office or any other location where you were exposed to smoke, change out of your clothes.

7. Before sitting anywhere in the house, shower and wash your hair to prevent smoke transmission!

8. To keep your home smelling smokey and remove dirt and smoke molecules trapped in it, invest in routine expert floor and upholstery cleaning.

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